Dictionary Game
To Help Build Vocabulary

Add this dictionary game to your bag of tricks and creative lesson plan ideas.  This activity will help your students to build vocabulary on their own.  Afterwards, have your students share their findings.  Maybe even collect them and use them for next week's spelling lesson.

However you choose to use this hunt, encourage your students to enjoy the activity and have fun exploring the world of words on their own.

Dictionary Scavenger Hunt Clues

* What is the last word and it's definition listed in the dicitionary?

* What is the copyright date for this dictionary?

* What is the first "Q" word listed and what is it's definition?

* Open the dictionary randomly. Find the first word on the page that you do not know and write down it's definition.

* Look up incorrigible. What does it mean?

* Find a word beginning with "Raw-" that you do not know. What is it's definition?

* How many different definitions are listed for plethora? What are they?

* What suffixes are listed for the word "happy"?

* What is the last word listed on page 346 and what does it mean?

* Find 5 words on page 174 that you do not know. What are they?

* What does scintillating mean?

* Find a proper noun on page 33 that you do not know. What is it?

Remember to use this as a guide as you brainstorm other words and ideas to add to this dictionary activity.  Encourage your participants to have fun with it as they explore the English language and improve their vocabulary.

Looking for additional educational scavenger hunts? Try doing this newspaper scavenger hunt or playing these learning to read games with your younger children.

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