Crazy Scavenger Hunt Lists

Use these crazy scavenger hunt lists when you are looking to go beyond the ordinary with your hunt.  You can decide if you want participants to photo document their findings, if some of their findings can be a photo or picture of the clue, or if they must simply check the items off the list.

Be sure to check out this photography game and this city hunt for other creative and crazy ideas.  If you're looking for a crazy office activity, check out these corporate team building events.

Ready to get wild and think outside the box?  Here we go!

Crazy Scavenger Hunt Ideas

*  Bright blue bra.

*  A dog in a tree.

*  15 person pyramid.

*  Flag flying upside down.

*  Super Hero boxers (adult size).

*  Serenade a gas station attendant.

*  Find a cop with a box of donuts.

*  Cow standing on a hay bale.

*  Bird carrying a fish.

*  Man and woman in matching outfits.

*  Hot pink house.

*  A house with the wrong holiday's decorations still up.

*  Park at a non-functioning/broken parking meter.

*  A car with 3 kayaks and 3 bikes attached to it.

*  A man wearing hot pink Converse shoes.

*  A dog pulling someone on a skateboard.

*  A person talking on a pay phone.

*  Have a clown make you a balloon hat.

*  A flower blooming in the snow.

Use these crazy scavenger hunt ideas to get you brainstorming outside the box.  The more wild and zany the clues, the more fun it will be for your participants. 

Have some other fun ideas to add to this list?  Please contact me and I'll be sure to add them.  Don't forget to check out these funny scavenger hunt items for additional ideas.

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