A fun photo scavenger hunt is always a hit with kids and teens.  Set-up is simple.  Planning minimal.  Outcome – always a huge success!

Be sure to have everyone bring their cameras for the scavenger hunts.  (Cell phones work just as well.) Then split the group into teams, give them the list, set a meet back time and let them go.

Encourage creativity and thinking outside the box for some of these clues and feel free to assign points to them as well to make it a competitive hunt if you so desire.

Looking for another fun photography game? Check it out for round two with your group next week or next month! Or even consider doing a video scavenger hunt as your next team building activity.

Photo Scavenger Hunt List

“Photo of” precedes all of the following clues.

  • Brown cow.
  • Six person pyramid.
  • Man wearing a skirt.
  • Two people leg wrestling.
  • McDonald’s sign.
  • Policeman eating a donut.
  • Your school.
  • An election sign.
  • Team member shaking hands with a Wal-Mart employee.
  • All team members on a slide.
  • Pink billboard.
  • Team member riding a horse.
  • A human knot.
  • A flowering tree.
  • A snowman.
  • Library books lined up like dominoes.
  • Team member eating with chopsticks.
  • Team members in a water fight.
  • The world’s largest ice cream cone.
  • A bird in a nest.
  • Two team members riding one bicycle.
  • A team member with clown make-up on their face.

As always – Have fun. Be safe. And enjoy the hunt!

Be sure to share the photos with the group. You can even consider making a slideshow of the photo hunt to show at your next gathering.

If you have any more creative ideas, share them here!