Corporate Team Building Events

Corporate team building events are a fun and entertaining way to build team spirit within your company.  They encourage camaraderie in fun and safe environment while also pushing folks to go beyond their comfort zone and learn more about each other.

Be sure to set aside corporate team building activities at least once a year, every quarter is best.  Your employees and office mates will enjoy some time away from their desks and you will gain a group of co-workers who are more cohesive and attune to one another's strengths.

Want folks to learn a bit more about the company? Try this corporate scavenger hunt to start them on their way.

It is important that you set your employees up for success with clear instructions and good debriefing/sharing session after these corporate team building events. Consider hiring professional team building consultants if you are not comfortable with this piece.

Hint: If you want to start off with a fun activity to loosen the group up, try these icebreaker activities.

Corporate Team Building Event Day Set-up

For this team building activity, you will need to
find a nearby park or field.

* Have employees bring their cameras
* Set up a shade tent
* Have water and snacks available
* Fill several water balloons
* Map out a short obstacle course
* Bring butcher paper and markers
* Bring a couple of potatoes
* Bring strips of fabric to tie their ankles together

Corporate Team Building Activities List

* Build a pyramid with your team.

* Toss a water balloon 20 times without bursting it. (You must start over if you do.)

* Join hands like a blob and walk thru the obstacle course. (Your hands are glued. You can't let go.)

* Create a group cheer.

* Draw the body outline of one team member on butcher paper then be creative and illustrate the perfect company employee. (Must do this for 10 minutes. Can last longer if you want.)

* Pass the potato down the line via your elbows without dropping it.

* Give you boss a group hug.

* Without talking, line up in order by your birthday.

* Tie your ankles to your neighbor's ankles. Walk to the other end of the field without falling in one big long line.

* Find an object in the park that represents teamwork to you and be ready to explain why.

Enjoy. Schedule corporate team building events often. Debrief well and your office group will learn and grow from these team building activities. You may also want to consider these corporate Christmas party ideas for your next holiday party.

This magazine scavenger hunt will have your employees creating unique vision boards and is a wonderful activity to incorporate into  your day of team building.

And this user-submitted Workplace Team Building Scavenger Hunt looks like a lot of fun!

Other Team Building Resources

Favorite Inspirational Quotes has a wonderful collection of motivational quotes, business quotes and quotes about leadership. Consider using some of these team building quotes sprinkled throughout the day. 

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