Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Planning for a corporate Christmas party?  Need some fun company Christmas party ideas?  You've come to the right place!

Office Christmas party games can be a lot of fun and can help to build rapport in the workplace.  They can be great teambuilding activities and can help put your employees and co-workers into the holiday spirit. 

When planning your work Christmas party you can choose to do a pre-made Christmas scavenger hunt or come up with your own holiday party game.  Below you will find a list of creative ideas to use when planning this year's corporate Christmas party.

Company Christmas Party Ideas

*  Have a Christmas themed potluck.  This can be anything from a sign-up to bring your favorite holiday dish to an extravagant red-and-green themed Christmas potluck.

*  Throughout the month of December organize a "Secret Santa" activity.  Have each employee draw a name of a co-worker out of a Santa hat.  They can leave little notes, small gifts, chocolates, cookies and inspirational quotes on the desk of their person during the weeks leading up to your Christmas party.

*  Have a Christmas gift exchange with your "Secret Santa" at the office party.

*  We all know the holidays are busy and a variety of holiday baked goods are definitely appreciated, but who has time to bake several different kinds of cookies?  Try organizing a Christmas cookie exchange.  Have each employee make several dozen of their favorite holiday cookie and put them on plates by the dozen.  Exchange Christmas cookies with one another at your Xmas party.

*  Pick a day close to Christmas and volunteer to head to your nearby Ronald McDonald House to cook a Christmas meal for the families.  This is a great bonding activity and a fun way to do community service with your co-workers.  I love this corporate Christmas party idea.  You can even call ahead to get the ages of the resident families and bring along a gift for everyone!

*  Have a snowman building contest.  Divide the entire office into teams and set a time limit (30-60 minutes) in which each team must create their own festive snowman.  When time is up, have everyone vote anonymously on their favorite snowman to determine the winner.  No on can vote for their own!

These are just some of the many office Christmas party ideas that you can try.  Why be boring?  Spice up your list of holiday party games this year!  Feel free to contact me if you need help brainstorming a custom Christmas party for your company.

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