Cool Car Games

Bring along some cool car games to make your next trip enjoyable for everyone.  This scavenger hunt list has some harder to find items so it can be done over the length of the entire drive or you can assign points for each clue of the road trip game and only complete what you are able to find. 

Either way, it's a great break from watching a DVD in the car and gets everyone looking outside at what's passing by and engaging in conversation with one another.  Who knows what interesting thing you may see out the windows!

Fun Car Game Ideas

* Tow truck with a car onboard

* Tree house

* Bike path

* Holiday Inn

* Bump in the road sign

* Movie theater

* Train

* Golf course

* Split rail fence

* House number 1234

* Mile marker 20 sign

* Rock slide

* 10 orange cones

* Blue mailbox

* County sign

* Purple car

* Five cows

* Licence plate with the letter "Z"

* Shooting star

* Pig farm

* Playground

* Pay phone

* No trespassing sign

* Rest area sign

* Hay bale

* Slippery when wet sign

* Police car

* 15 MPH sign

* Orange pickup truck

* Emergency 911 sign

* Fire hydrant

* Yield sign

* Purple graffiti

* Taxi cab

* Someone riding a horse

* A garden

Be sure to brainstorm your own ideas to add to this cool car activities list. Join in with the kids and play along. It will help to pass the time of the drive and make the road trip more fun!

Also check out this fun car games list for another one to bring along especially if it's going to be a long drive!

As always - Have fun and enjoy the hunt!

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