Computer Scavenger Hunt

A computer scavenger hunt is a great way to get your kids or grandparents oriented to using the computer and finding important sites on the internet.  It is a fun way to start exploring as it helps to take away the feeling of being overwhelmed by something new.

Computer Scavenger Hunt

Below is a list of scavenger hunt ideas that you can give to them to start them on their way.  Be sure to add clues that are more specific to each individual and their projected use of the computer and the internet. 

Once they finish, why not reward them with one of these internet scavenger hunts and hidden object games that can be played right on the computer.

Computer Game Clues

1. Go to and type your favorite vacation spot into the search box. Click on your findings to learn more about your fun spot! 

2. Go to and look for an airfare to London departing next Saturday.

3. Go to and read today's featured article. Then look up kite landboarding and read about this fun sport.

4. Go to and leave a comment.

5. Go to and look up a friend. Try to find their address.

6. Go to and look up the 10 day forecast.

7. Go to and look up information on a National Park you want to visit someday.

8. Open a Word document and type a short letter to a friend.

9. Go to and watch one of the featured videos that interests you.

10. Send an email to your parent or teacher or grandkid to tell them you've finished!

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