Clean Bachelorette
Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Looking for a fun bachelorette party game that’s not too risqué? Below are some clean bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas for your party planning. All you need to gather are your printed scavenger hunt lists, some writing utensils and cameras (cellphones work perfectly.) 

You may want to choose a route for your evening of bar-hopping fun - or just set an end time for the groups to gather back together. However you choose to plan your bachelorette party, this game will be a great addition! 

Simply split your group up into teams and let them see how many of the items they can find or tasks they can complete as the evening goes on. Feel free to assign point values as you see fit for your location.

Looking for additional clues? Check out this bachelorette scavenger hunt and this bachelorette party scavenger hunt for more fun ideas to make your hunt unique!

Clean Bachelorette
Scavenger Hunt List

  • Find a fun fake engagement ring - Hint: Try looking in gumball machines!

  • Find something blue that could be worn/carried down the aisle

  • Leave a creative “good luck” message on the groom’s phone. He decides the best one for the most points!

  • Blow bubbles at a romantic-looking couple

  • Photo of another bachelorette

  • Photo of a wedding cake

  • Get the bartender’s autograph

  • Find a steamy romance novel

  • Sing “Love Shack” at a karaoke bar

  • Take a photo of a church steeple

  • Create a veil - must use some “found” objects

  • Find a thick piece of rope and “Tie the Knot”

  • Find a couple who has been married 20 years

  • Find a couple who has been married 1 month

  • Find a sprig of fresh rosemary

  • Photo of the inside of the honeymoon suite at a hotel in town

  • Photo of a teammate modeling a garter

  • Find a funny/gag gift for the honeymoon

Extra Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • Have everyone wear sashes for the duration of the evening: “Bride”, “Bridesmaid”, “Sister”, “Friend”, etc. Each person must try to get as many male signatures and well-wishes on their individual sash as possible!

  • Make a bouquet for the bride to carry for the evening! At the start of the gathering, have each person make a tissue paper flower. Tie them all together for the bride. At the end of the evening, have her toss the bouquet to a roomful of strangers!

  • Hum “Here Comes the Bride” as you enter each new location!

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