Fun City Walk Activity

If you are going on a city walk with your group, be sure to bring along this fun activity for kids, teens or adults.

An urban walk with the addition of a city hunt will encourage your kids, students or group to fully explore their surroundings as they walk through the city.  Use this list of things to find as a guide and tweak the clues to fit the specific area of the city that you will be walking around.  Enjoy!

List of Things to Find on Your City Hunt

  •  Neon sign with only six words.

  •  Something that has all the colors of the rainbow.

  •  Poster for a concert coming to town this weekend.

  •  Street sign that has a sticker on it's pole. 

  •  Sidewalk chalk art.

  •  Kids playing in a park. How many are there?

  •  Someone wearing red shoes.

  •  Someone wearing a cowboy hat.

  •  Sign that says: "Have a Nice Day."

  •  The smallest natural thing you can find.

  •  A basketball.

  • An advertisement picturing another country.

  • An advertisement for an upcoming class.

  • The most unique bumper sticker you can find

  • A scooter loaded with groceries.

  • Someone carrying flowers.

  • Something written in a language other than your own.

  • Flower growing from a crack.

  • Graffiti on a newspaper stand.

Remember to encourage your group to look around and notice things about the city that they may not have noticed before. Encourage the to do some creative people watching as well!

Did you have fun with this urban hunt? Try the other city strolls listed below.

Looking for location specific city scavenger hunt ideas? Check these out!

And as always, have fun - be safe - and enjoy the walk and the time working together on the hunt!

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