Festive Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Use this Christmas scavenger hunt to add an air of festivity to your Christmas party. All ages enjoy going on a hunt and this will encourage folks to mingle and work together as they search out the holiday scavenger hunt items. Be creative. Add to the list. And by all means, have fun with it!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Fun Christmas games are always good to have in your bag of tricks.  Folks of all ages enjoy them and it's great to have activities to get people into the holiday spirit.  

Use this Christmas hunt around the house, classroom or office and enjoy watching the elves go scavenging!

Christmas Game List

*  Red and green paper chain with at least 10 links.
*  Christmas ornament.
*  Letter to Santa.
*  Image of Rudolph.
*  A red bow for a package.
*  Snowflake cutout.
*  Recipe for your favorite Christmas cookie.
*  List of 10 Christmas carols.
*  Image of a Christmas tree.
*  Ad for a Christmas sale going on at a local store (not a chain store).
*  A homemade wreath (made out of any material).
*  A book with Christmas as the theme.
*  Image of an angel.
*  Favorite holiday tradition (written down).
*  A holly leaf.
*  A made-up Christmas jingle. Bonus points the more spirit you put into it when you sing it to the group.
*  A pair of warm snow boots.
*  A snowman. Bonus point if you actually make build one outside!
*  A holiday scarf.
*  A pair of Christmas socks.
*  Reindeer antlers.

Be creative and brainstorm more scavenger hunt ideas that will fit in with your location.

Looking for unique ideas for a creative holiday office party?  Try one of these corporate christmas party ideas this year!  

For a unique gift hunt, try this visitor submitted grandpa and grandmas's Christmas gift hunt.  Happy Holidays!

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