Camping Scavenger Hunt

A camping scavenger hunt is a great activity to bring along on your next camping trip.  It is a fun way to orient your kids or your group to the campground and to your campsite.

camping scavenger hunt, camping games

This hands-on activity doesn't require any preparation beyond printing out the scavenger hunt list.  Just let the group enjoy the camping game! The objects on the list are those that can be typically found at any campground and/or campsite.

Camp Hunt Ideas

* Where is the closest bath house?

* Where is the closest water faucet?

* Find a tent stake.

* Where is the closest trailhead to our campsite?

* Pick up five pieces of litter.

* Find something yellow that is natural.

* Find three different types of leaves.

* Find a seed.

* Where is the outdoor amphitheater?

* Find something to make music with.

* Find a good marshmallow roasting stick.

* Find the best spot to set up your tent. What makes it a good spot?

* Find evidence of an animal.

* Where is the closest trash can? (Put your five pieces of litter in the can.)

* What time does "quiet time" start in this campground?

* How many campsites are here?

* Find three good pieces of firewood.

* How much does a campsite cost per night?

* Find a map of the area.

* Find the tallest tree that is the closest to our campsite.

Did you enjoy this camp hunt? Be sure to check out these camping games for more fun camping activities to do with your family or group.

Feel free to comment and submit your own camping ideas so we can grow this free resource together!

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