Camping Games

A Camping Scavenger Hunt is Sure "fire" Fun!

Looking for fun camping games to take with you as you plan to head to the woods for a weekend getaway with the family or the youth group? 

A camping scavenger hunt is a must to bring along. It's a great camping activity ready-made for the outdoors.

camping games

Here's a list of items that I've compiled that are typically found at a campground and/or in the pile of camping items that most folks bring along in their car. Feel free to add your own when you get to your campsite and delete those that don't work for your location. 

As safe and enjoy the hunt!

(Please visit our scavenger hunt rules page for some safety guidelines to think about.)

Camping Scavenger Hunt List

* A pair of dirty socks.

* A pine cone...the bigger the better.

* A maple leaf.

* Something that would make good tinder for the fire.

* Five pieces of litter.

* A four leaf clover. (Bonus points for the group who actually finds one.)

* Something red that is natural.

* A bird's nest. (Leave it be, just be ready to point it out.)

* A tent pole.

* A fire starter.

* A marshmallow.

* A headlamp.

* Something to dig a hole with.

* A place to hang a bear bag. (Be ready to point it out.)

* A spoon.

* A water filter.

* A fishing pole.

* A musical instrument.

* Three different flowers. (Bring them back to create a large group bouquet.) 

Did your group enjoy these camping activities? Try bringing this other camping scavenger hunt along on your next camping trip and add it to your list of camp games.

Be sure to share your experience and keep this free scavenger hunt resource growing!

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