Camp Leadership Training Activity

Camp leadership training activities need to be engaging and hands-on.  It is very important to model this as you plan your training so that your staff create engaging and hands-on activities for their campers.

So how to go about this? Make it as fun as possible with your staff coming up with the ideas you are wanting to get across on their own. Try introducing the activity with some leadership quotes.

This leadership training activity will do just that. It will stretch their imaginations and will have your staff exploring what it takes to be the perfect camp counselor.

*** This activity can also be done with your Leadership Training campers or your Assistant Counselors ***

Leadership Training Activity

First: Split your staff or group into smaller groups of 3-5 people. 

Second: Give each group a long piece of butcher paper (about as long as the height of someone in the group.

Third: Have one member of the group lay down on the paper and have the group trace around this person.

Fourth: This is the fun part. Each group is to creatively draw out the perfect camp counselor. For example: Draw a large watch on the wrist for always being on time.

Fifth: Give the groups a 10-15 minute time limit and then have them re-convene and share their works of art. Be sure they cover all of the attributes of their perfect camp leader.

Sixth: Wrap it up by touching on the most important aspects of being a leader in camp and be sure to touch on anything that the groups might have missed.

Seventh: Hang up the drawings for the rest of staff training as a reminder of what leadership skills you are expecting your staff or group to possess.

This is one of my favorite camp leadership training activities. Use it at your summer camp, with your youth group, or even in the workplace. 

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