Biscoitos Scavenger Hunt

by Middle School Activity
(Lajes E/HS)

Tide Pools of Biscoitos

Tide Pools of Biscoitos

The tide pools of Biscoitos are the perfect place for a marine-themed scavenger hunt. My kids had a great time tide pooling as they poked around and searched the waters for the items on the scavenger hunt list. You may want to head out to the area you will be tide pooling at ahead of time so that you can check to see what you and your students will be able to find. It's always fun to add a harder thing or two and see what the kids come up with.

Materials Needed:

A plastic bag for each student. Or you can pair the kids up in which case you'd only need one bag per pair.
Water bottles

Tide Pooling Scavenger Hunt List

* Sea glass
* Round piece of drift wood
* Piece of pumas
* Sea shell
* Limpid - hat-like sea shell
* Four more igneous rocks - reddish and other shaped by the ocean
* Two types of sea weed
* Three leaves- various kinds
* Find a rock that looks like a biscuit.


I think this Biscoitos scavenger hunt can be adapted to fit other seaside locations. Hope you enjoy doing this fun hands-on activity with your middle school kids!

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