Fun Beach Activity

This fun beach activity adds The Guru's twist on things.  It's basically a beach scavenger hunt list that has the participants collecting or looking for 10 of one beach item, 9 of the next, 8 of the next, and so on.

beach activity, beach scavenger hunt

This game can be used while beachcombing in the morning, or you may need to have it continue throughout your entire beach vacation if some of the items are hard to find.

I've also compiled a traditional beach scavenger hunt to bring along as well that can be done in a morning or evening walk on the beach.

Don't leave home without them! They make a great rainy day or early morning beach game that works for all ages.

Beach Activities List

* Find 10 shells that are the same size.

* Find 9 strands of seaweed that are washed up on shore.

* Find 8 different colored beach houses.

* Find 7 different piers or walkways to the beach. 

* Find 6 feathers. 

* Find 5 sand dollars.

* Find 4 pieces of driftwood that look alike.

* Find 3 footprints from 3 different animals.

* Find 2 starfish.

* Find 1 jellyish.

Have fun with this list. Switch out some of the scavenger hunt items that may be too hard to find on your particular beach and add others in their place. Don't get too caught up in the hunt that you forget to enjoy the sunset and the sounds of kids splashing in the waves!

Note: This type of number scavenger hunt can be adapted to other locations and activities as well. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating these fun activities!

As always, enjoy your trip and happy hunting! 

Don't forget to share your feedback on this activity below - and upload photos stories of your scavenger hunts here!

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