Backyard Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A backyard scavenger hunt is a versatile activity for toddlers and young children. It gets them outside and exploring within the safe confines of your own backyard. I’ve put together several scavenger hunts in the backyard for my nephews and other young kids and thought I’d share some ideas with you here. There is also a set of printable backyard hunts at the end of the post!

Backyard Scavenger Hunts

backyard scavenger hunt

Backyard Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • Find an animal’s home
  • Find something really long
  • Find a feather
  • Find two seeds
  • Find a spider web
  • Find the prettiest flower you can find
  • Find two different insects
  • Find a nut
  • Find a nest
  • Look for an animal track
  • Find something with a smooth texture
  • Find a cloud in the shape of an animal
  • Look for a butterfly

Five Senses Backyard Hunt

  • Look for something spiky
  • Listen for something that makes a noise
  • Find a good hiding spot
  • Look for something that smells sweet
  • Sit down, close your eyes and feel the wind
  • Smell the earth. What does it smell like?
  • Listen for three different bird calls
  • Find the tallest living thing in the backyard
  • Lay down on the ground to see what it feels like. Is it hard? Soft? Cool? Warm?
  • Find something wet

Color Scavenger Hunt

  • List out ten different colors and have your kids look for something that matches these colors - for example: something red, something green, something yellow, something blue, something purple, something brown, something white, something orange, etc.
  • Then have them find something that has three different colors, four different colors and five different colors.
  • Find something with all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Find your favorite color in the backyard.

Number Scavenger Hunt in the Backyard

Hide objects in the backyard according to numbers that your kids must find and count. For example:

  • One soccer ball
  • Two shovels
  • Three puzzle pieces
  • Four teddy bears
  • Five crayons
  • Six plastic cups
  • Seven pennies
  • Eight balloons
  • Nine lollipops
  • Ten matchbox cars

Are you running short of time and looking for printable scavenger hunts that are ready to go? Check out this set below!

Backyard Scavenger Hunt 
Printable Packet

Backyard Nature Hunt 1
Nature Scavenger Hunt 2
Backyard Five Senses Hunt
Backyard Color Hunt
Backyard Number Hunt


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I hope you enjoy implementing these ideas for scavenger hunts in your backyard. If you have additional thoughts, backyard clues and/or feedback, please share them in the comments below!

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