Doing some bachelor party planning and looking for some fun bachelor party ideas?  Why not try a scavenger hunt!  All that’s needed for this activity is several copies of the list below and a couple of cameras (cell phone cameras will do.)

Tip: Remember to keep the craziness within the comfort level of the groom-to-be so that everyone has a good time at his party – including him!

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt List

* Female bartender’s signature.

* Photo of two ladies kissing you, one on each cheek.

* An item the groom must use on his wedding night.

* Photo of the “bachelor” with as many ladies as you can gather together.

* An empty shot glass.

* Phone number for three potential future dates. (Only if you’re single, of course.)

* Photo of the inside of the ladies room.

* Photo of you with a taller woman.

* A woman’s bra. (Bonus points if you have the actual bra and not just a photo of one.)

* Lipstick on your collar.

* Photo of the bachelor pouring shots.

* Serenade a group of unsuspecting women with a romantic song that you create on the spot.

* Photo of a group hug with strangers.

* Write a letter to the bride-to-be on a paper napkin and stick it in the  groom-to-be’s pocket.

Feel free to add to this bachelor party game as you do your bachelor party planning. If you come up with some good ideas, by all means come back and share them with us. I’d love to keep this list growing!

Have more time? Include some fun scavenger hunt clues from this city hunt as well.

As always, have fun, be safe, and congratulations to the lucky guy!!

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