Alphabet Photo Hunt

by Beth
(Huntsville, AL)

The rules for this alphabet photo hunt are pretty simple. Split the main group into smaller groups of 4-6 team members (larger groups can get chaotic). While only one camera per team is necessary for this photo scavenger hunt, it's probably a good idea to have each teen bring their own just in case. At a public place, hand out the alphabet scavenger hunt lists and get hunting! I usually use locations like malls or other shopping centers that have a wide variety of things for sale and that usually have people outside your group there.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Set-up

Print only the 26 letters of the alphabet on each list. What each team decides to take a photo of is up to them. Seeing the photos is half the fun of the game! Beneath the alphabet, you may want to add a list of scavenger hunt rules/photo requirements to make the game more interesting.

For example:

* When interacting with people not in the group, team members must speak with a fake accent.

* One of the photos must be a team member with a shopper or store worker they introduced themselves to--the other person's name counts for that letter.

* No more than 2 photos can be found in one store (if the size of the shopping center permits).

* While team members may use photos from the parking lot, license plates are not allowed. (That would be too easy!)

Of course, possiblities for these kinds of "rules" are endless, and pretty much only serve to make things funnier while hunting.

Set a time limit for your hunt and a meeting place for the recap. Be sure to share each group's "findings."

P.S. This also makes a great group date idea! Just sayin' ;)

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by: Bony

Really interesting! I think this is one of the best entertainment games that I have heard. I have read the rules and regulations of this game and it looks very easy to play. I am going to try this game. Thank you!

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