Indoor Activities for Teenagers

Here you will find a collection of fun activities for teenagers that can be done indoors. Snow day? Rainy Day? Planning an overnight for teens? The following list of fun teen activities will have you covered.

Looking for indoor games for children? Check out my Top 10 Indoor Activities for Kids to find a list of activities suitable for the younger ones.

As always - have fun and add your own creative spin to these games and ideas!

Top 10 Indoor Activities for Teenagers

Ideas for Indoor Teen Games
(In no particular order)

1. Rent a karaoke machine. Teens love to sing karaoke!

2. Host a movie night and do a screening of an independent film that is not in mainstream theaters. Be sure to have lots of big floor pillows on hand and some fun healthy snacks.

3. Host a game night. Some fun games for teenagers include: Yamodo, Balderdash, Apples to Apples, and Catch Phrase.

4. Play the "Bowl Game." There are many variations to the bowl game so feel free to adapt these rules to your group. Split the group into several teams of two. Each person gets 5 scraps of paper and they are to write a different noun on each paper. All the papers go into a large bowl. Partners sit across the circle from one another. The bowl goes around the circle and each person has 30-60 seconds to get their partner to guess as many of the words from the bowl as they can. First round: Players can use as many words as they want to describe the word. Second round: Players can only use two words to describe the word. ("um" counts as a word!) Third round: No word can be used and players must act out the word. Between rounds, each team counts up their totals and all words then go back in the bowl for the next round. This is a great game to add to your collection of activities for groups of teens.

5. Find a yummy recipe and bake some cookies, cupcakes, muffins or scones to bring to the local nursing home or Ronald McDonald house.

6. Play cards. There are many fun card games out there that teens love to learn. A few examples include: Texas Hold 'Em, Spades, Hearts, Rummy 500, etc.

7. Teach teenagers a new craft or skill. Examples include: knitting for teens, crocheting, jewelry making, auto mechanic skills, bicycle maintenance, etc.

8. Have a poetry reading. Encourage your teens to write their own original works or to choose a poem or two to read from their favorite poet. This takes a little more planning time as they will need to come prepared with their poetry.

9. Have a Wii party. Invite everyone to bring their favorite Wii games and extra controllers.

10. Create an inspirational collage. Gather together magazines, photos, stickers, colored paper, markers and paint. Encourage your teen to create a collage around a specific theme: what motivates me, what inspires me, how I'm unique, etc. This magazine scavenger hunt provides inspiration for creating a personal vision board. Check out this extensive collection of inspirational quotes to add a motivational life quote or two to your collage.

I hope that you enjoyed my collection of fun indoor activities for teenagers. Be sure to share your favorite teen activities here!

Tired of being cooped up inside? Be sure to check out my Top 10 Outdoor Games for Teens as well!

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