A Little Incentive

by Wendy

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I officiated an adult scavenger hunt many years ago. What made it so successful, at least with this group of adults, was sweetening the deal with a little incentive.

Every person who participated had to throw in $20 to the pot. Of course, this number can be adjusted up or down, depending on your crowd. The winning team splits the kitty.

The teams were split up - all couples were split. This created even more of a challenge because couples who knew that items resided in their homes raced to get there before their partner.

Participants used their cars. I think they had an hour to gather as many items on the list as they possibly could.

What made this scavenger hunt even more challenging was the specificity of the items on the list. For instance, one item was crayons. But it went so far as to specify Crayola Crayons. One team came in with their items. They had gathered their crayons, but they weren't Crayola. Sorry, doesn't count! There were a number of items on the list that were specific like that.

At the end of the hunt, all teams reported back to a designated meeting place and we checked them in. I remember one guy was so upset his team was going to lose, he offered me $400 to make sure they won!! I, of course, refused to take it.

The host had a trophy for the winning team, and, of course, they won the kitty. For this group, though, it wasn't about the money. It was about winning - competitive bunch. :-) So the money ended up being donated to charity.

All in all, it was a really fun night. And afterward, we all had a pot luck dinner. Although this wasn't the case for this particular group of adults, I could see how this could become an annual event. The trophy would get passed on from year to year. And it's for a good cause as long as the money is getting donated!

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Jan 26, 2011
Excellent Fundraising Idea!
by: The Guru

Thank you for sharing Wendy! This is an excellent fundraising idea for adults. This game can be used to raise funds for sports teams, corporate giving, women's groups or local charities. I love it. Thanks for sharing the "incentive" idea for adults. After all, who doesn't like a little friendly competition with a "prize" thrown in at the end! The trophy idea is a great one as well to add continuity from year to year.

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