The Guru's News, Issue #002
September 2010

Happy autumn!

The second edition of "The Guru's News" is here just in time for fall. This ezine aims to keep you up to date on scavenger hunt news and new scavenger hunts and ideas that I find or site visitors submit.


Get ready for a fun Halloween!

The first day of autumn has come and gone and Halloween is only one month away. It's time to start thinking of Halloween costumes, trick-or-treat goodies and Halloween games! Here are two from The Guru to add to your list of spooky fun:

Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Take this one on your trick-or-treating adventure!
More Halloween Party Games: Sure to be a monstrous delight!

Newest Scavenger Hunt Addition

Video Scavenger Hunt
This one was created with youth leaders and team building facilitators in mind. It is a great activity for both teens and adults alike!

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The Scavenger Hunt Guru Facebook Page is a great place to meet other folks looking for scavenger hunt ideas and brainstorming clues with one another. Please join the community, share the page with your friends, tweet about it. Let's make this THE place for creative scavenger hunt brainstorming. Check it out!


I will be highlighting a new scavenger hunt or two in each issue of "The Guru's News." For this issue I'd like to give a shout out to site visitor Dede who submitted an excellent RV Scavenger Hunt this summer. It's a wonderful hunt with very creative clue ideas for all of you RV-ers out there. Thank you for sharing, Dede!

Would you like to be spotlighted in the next issue of The Guru's News? If so, please submit your scavenger hunts and ideas here!

For the Kids

Of course I can't leave out the kids! These hiking activities are a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather with your little ones in tow. Bring the list of clues along on your next outdoor adventure and enjoy the fall colors!

As always, happy hunting! Feel free to contact me if you need help creating your next scavenger hunt.

The Guru

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