4th of July Party Ideas

Are you looking for fun 4th of July party ideas for your holiday picnic?  Look no further!  Your July 4th party will definitely be a hit if you include some fun 4th of July games. These are great icebreakers as well as fun activities to occupy your guests and have them mingling and working together.

4th of July Party Ideas

Where to start on brainstorming some of those fun games and 4th of July ideas?  Well right here with The Guru of course.

I've gone with the patriotic theme of the holiday and split this particular scavenger hunt into Red, White and Blue items.  No real set-up required. Simply print out copies of your scavenger hunt list and send your guests out hunting!  

4th of July Party Ideas
List of Things to Find

Be sure to sprinkle in additional red, white and blue items that will fit for your group and for your location. You are only limited by your imagination - and how challenging you want it to be for your family and friends!


* A red pepper.

* A red sock.

* Red house number.

* A red flower.

* A red shirt.

* Red nail polish.

* A red belt.


* A white golf ball.

* A white earring.

* White pair of pants.

* A white bowl.

* A white car.

* A white hat.

* A white crayon.


* Blue swim goggles.

* A blue flower.

* A blue ball.

* Blue jewelry.

* A blue ribbon.

* A blue envelope.

* A blue food item.

Looking for more 4th of July games?  You can even try a combo of this game and the other Fourth of July scavenger hunt to add to the length and challenge of the hunt.  

As always: Have fun. Be safe. And share your ideas and scavenger hunt photos here!

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