Fun 4th of July Games

4th of July Games are a must to have on hand for the big picnic.  It keeps kids and adults engaged and breaks up the time spent eating!  Plan to have a few in your back pocket and your guests will be sure to enjoy themselves.

4th of July Games - stars

Looking for more Fourth of July Games?  Check out these 4th of July Party Ideas for a red, white and blue themed scavenger hunt.

You can never have too many games in your "bag of tricks" - especially around the holidays. This game can be easily adapted for other seasons: using red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, pastel colors for Easter, etc.

4th of July Game Set-up

Cut out several red, blue and white squares from construction paper. (You can also cut out star shapes if you are feeling more creative.)

Write a number on the squares.  You can choose to write 5, 10 or 20.  This is the point value for that square. Mix it up so there's a pretty even number of 5's, 10's and 20's per color.

Hide the squares around the house, yard, park and/or picnic area.  Hide the 20's in harder places and the 5's in easier places.  Try to match up the color of the square with the color of the hiding spot.  For example, tape a blue square to the back of a blue curtain or to the door of a blue car. Tape a red square to the bottom of a red bowl or a red lawn chair -  and a white square to a white paper plate or white flower pot.

Explain the scavenger hunt game to your guests as they arrive.  They are to look for red, white and blue squares (or stars depending on how creative you were) hidden in the area.  They are to collect the ones they find and they can look for them throughout the picnic.

At the end of the Fourth of July picnic, gather everyone together and have them add up the point value of their squares.  (Adults may need to help the kids with this.)  Have a prize handy to give out to the winner - and maybe a bag of goodies for each of the kids.

Have your own 4th of July ideas to share?  Please share your scavenger hunts here!

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